Welcome to the website of Castle Trakošćan!

Castle Trakošćan’s cultural heritage, is protected as a historical entity, which consists of the castle, the building next to the castle, park and forest park with a lake. Today the castle is one of the few facilities in Croatia with preserved its own constitution, historically closely related to the architectural framework and the life of its owners.

Useful Information
Opening hours
Summertime (1st Apr-31st Oct) 10 am -6 pm
Winter (Nov 1st-31st Mar) 9 am -4 pm

Ticket prices:

  1. The park: free
  2. The park + castle: – adults: 40 kn
    – children (up to 18): 20 kn
  3. Children up to 7 years of age have free admission to the park and castle

E-mail: dvor@trakoscan.hr
Tel: +385(0)42 796 281
FAX: +385(0)42 796 420

Wedding photography

  1. Photo shooting in the museum and in the park (up to 10 persons in the period of 1 hour) – 2.000,00 kn
  2. Photo shooting in the park – 1.000,00 kn

Other rental possibilities

  1. Multi-purpose hall (in the castle)
    up to 3 hours – 3.000,00 kn
    all day rent – 5.000,00 kn
    for meetings/seminars or meal and drinks consumption
  2. Castle terrace
    up to 10 persons – 1.000,00 kn
    for each additional person 100,00 kn
    for food and drinks consumption up to 3 hours
  3. Low gallery
    for meetings/seminars or meal and drinks consumption
    up to 5 hours – 20,00 kn per person
    all day rent – 40,00 kn per person
  4. Small gallery
    for meetings/seminars
    10,00 kn per person
  5. Commercial shootings and commercial purpose rent
    800,00 kn per person and per day


  1. In the chapel – 800,00kn
  2. On the castle terrace (20 persons) – 4.000,00 kn
    (for each person over 20 we charge an additional 100,00 kn per person)
  3. Meadow renting for weddings or similar commercial events – 6.000,00 kn per day.
    Rental period is counted from the day of the technics arrival to the day when the whole area is cleaned.