The park-forest

The forest around the lake and the landscaped area of the park are protected and preserved parts of the once large estate of the Counts Drašković that form a historical and natural whole. The park-forest is rich in diverse flora and fauna: the abundant vegetation together with the lake forms a harmonious horticultural environment. In the second half of the 19th century, the immediate surroundings of the castle were landscaped and it was created a romantic park that mimics the nature and gives an appearance of the spontaneity in the organization of the environment. In that period was as well created the Lake Trakošćan with a dual function – economic, as a fishpond, and aesthetic, as a decorative element common in the romantic park architecture. It has the surface of 17 ha (42.5 acres), the length of 2 km and the average depth of 2.5 m.

The Holly Cross Chapel
In the immediate vicinity of the castle is located the Holly Cross Chapel built by Counts Drašković in the mid- 18th century. It is valuable architectural work of Baroque Classicism. The chapel is still in function and although small in size it has a well-equipped interior.

The educational pathway
The educational pathway around the Lake Trakošćan is known as the Faerie Path. The promenade is about five kilometers long and the sightseeing takes about two hours of slow walking. It includes twenty informative and educational points that provide general information about the natural values and curiosities of the area, while the Fisherman’s House on the Lake and its surroundings offer a place for a break during the sightseeing.