It contains part of the main building with western and eastern towers and the inner yard. There are halls furnished for social and formal occasions.

The Hunting Hall
Situated in the eastern tower of the castle, it represents the hunting tradition of the Drašković family. The room was used as a dining hall for the parties returning from hunting. It is lavishly furnished and decorated with hunting trophies. On the wall there is a print with a hunting motif. There is another decorative element in the room- a large, white tile stove with a relief featuring a hunting scene.

The Library
The library is furnished in Neo-Renaissance style. German and French dominate the bigger proportion of the book collection that contains 1700 titles. Majority of the books date back to the 19th century. Besides encyclopedias, fiction and periodicals, the library collection includes manuals on hunting, cooking, sport and other subjects. There is also a small archeological collection display.

The Knights Hall
Situated in the western tower, it is the most representative room in the castle. It was redecorated in the second half of the 19th century and illustrates the military past of Trakošćan and family Drašković. It is furbished with Neo-Renaissance sitting furniture. The walls display pole weapons from the end of 16th and 17th centuries and portraits of military commanders. The middle of the room is dominated with two full cavalry armors.

The Family Hall
In the room there is the Little Genealogy of the Drašković family dating from 1755. It is done on painted canvas 132×262 cm large, showing just one part of the family. Besides the Genalogy, there are also portraits of the first family members who owned Trakošćan: Juraj II, Gašpar, Ivan III, Nikola II and Ivan V Drašković.

The Inner Yard
It is in the central part of the building formed as a square with a well. The lower stone part of the well dates from the 17th century, while the upper part, made of wrought iron, was surmounted in the 19th century. Along the eastern and southern walls there are balconies, fireboxes and hunting trophies. On the yard wall there is a clock with a double dial.